Vector Announces League of Legends Team

Since even months before the incredible news of our acceptance into the UKEL, Vector Gaming have been working on putting together a showstopper of a League of Legends team to compete against established names such as Viperio and Bulldog. With the roster finally complete, the moment we’ve been waiting for for so long has finally arrived; time to announce our League of Legends team.

In the TOP LANE, we have XtraCheeky, ex-top 10 Darius EUW with a love for bruisers and juggernauts. The most lighthearted soul of the group, he’s always looking to lift spirits by cracking a joke or two. If he had to sum up his role in one sentence, he would immediately respond “Revert Conqueror” whilst gently sobbing onto his keyboard.

In the JUNGLE, Dunlosi, a man that really impressed us in our initial trials after a great performance topped by 2 Baron steals. Our early game shotcaller, his team Lee-Sins to him for guidance (I’ll see myself out).

In the MID LANE, Splaff, who’s team came 2nd in the UK Proving Grounds. He’s an assassin player at heart (You don’t want to meet his Zed) but will happily “not int” on most champions you can give him.

In the BOT LANE, Yuki no Fuyu, who happened to beat Splaff’s team out for 1st in UK Proving Grounds (and he won’t let Splaff forget it). A Sona botlane prodigy, he’ll play anything you put him on that isn’t Draven.

Last but by no means least, our Team Captain, SUPPORT, Depre, a pillar of the team, a “respected” voice to follow on the Rift, calling the spiciest plays, such as running it down mid and FF’ing @ 15. Alongside Fuyu, a formidable botlane opponent.

Alongside Coach Richard ‘Łazy’ Karlsson, and Manager Tony ‘Reflect’ Psillou, we are sure that the team will impress in the UKEL in the coming months, and we look forward to seeing other rosters as the lock-in date approaches.