Vector on the UKEL

With the big day, the start of the UKEL, finally here, our team have been spending all their time preparing for our first game versus Bulldog Esports. I wanted to gather some thoughts from the team regarding their feelings on the fully revealed rosters and their chances in the league, so I spoke to our Team Captain, Depre.


How are you feeling about other rosters in the league? Is there anyone you’re scared of?

Not scared of any roster. We can definitely beat anyone here if we work hard enough. LDN on paper is obviously everyone’s favourite but the secret is to not disrespect anyone since it’s BO1 and any team can pull wins.

How do you feel about our first matchup, Bulldog?

I think Bulldog should be a good gauge to how good we are as a team? I think their roster is a little slept on but so is ours so time will tell.

Any bold predictions for week one?

My spicy prediction is LDN will lose due to underestimating their opponents. I don’t think they are as untouchable as people think. 

And finally, who do you think are the players to look out for?

Most people are new to the scene, so it’s hard to rate anyone outside of soloQ.


A massive thank you to Depre for his time, and best of luck to all the teams competing tonight!


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