UKEL Week 1

After an arduous 38+ minute game vs Bulldog Esports, we unfortunately took our first loss of the UKEL 2020 Spring Split. It was hard fought by both teams, and although it felt like Bulldog had the edge for most of the game, the gold difference was not more than a few thousand gold until the very bitter end; the deciding Elder Dragon fight. I spoke to our jungler, Dunlosi, and Coach, Łazy, to get their views on what happened in our inaugural game as a UKEL team.

Dunlosi had the following to say:

How did you feel about the team’s performance in Game 1 vs Bulldog Esports?

Despite the loss I am really proud of how we all played, I think it was a pretty close game.

How did you feel about the first blood and your own performance in terms of capitalising on that?

I was pretty sure I could catch Elise in her jungle and it worked out pretty well, I ended up with a solid lead for the first 10 minutes after that.

What do you think was the turning point from that?

I think the turning point was when we used Rift Herald mid and they collapsed on us, as well as our support being caught shortly after.

Finally, how do you feel about next week’s match vs Absolved?

I’m hyped for next weeks match I think we have quite an even matchup against them, I think it’s going to be heavily reliant on myself and Tyrin in the early game and then transitioning into mid-late with the cleanest macro possible.

Meanwhile, Łazy said the following:

How confident are you with the time and effort the boys have put in so far?

I am confident that they can do really well, even though Dunlosi took a vacation for 2 weeks and Cheeky broke his toe in the middle of scrims, they just play really well. And they have a good atmosphere, with some people being very vocal and other people respecting that they want to be vocal. Cheeky is like Broken Blade from TSM, he’s the heart and soul of the team. I think the preparation and the team atmosphere really paid off. We have the right players, in the right positions, so yeah, I’m actually really happy with them as a team.

How do you feel about how they did today in particular?

I was really happy with the early game performance, the shotcalling, the decisions, Dunlosi invading Elise because he knew he could count on Splaff pushing in mid, we had prio bot lane due to Xayah’s passive feathers so she could push faster. Even though they traded one for one, Elise for Jarvan, and it could have been avoided, Elise falls off way harder late game so trading is absolutely fine. And then, we lane swapped, got the Rift Herald, put it down, got a decent lead, so I was really happy with the early game. Some mechanical misplays in top lane unfortunately led to Miss Fortune getting fed, and she got accelerated further ahead than Xayah, and we couldn’t really contest anything at that point. But the team held out until about 35 minutes. I think 5 more minutes, and if Ryze got to Void Staff then he could just one-shot Renekton and the game would have been over at that point, but he didn’t have the time to get there so Renekton could just zone Ryze and Xayah out of the teamfights which caused us to lose the game. So I’m actually happy about today, even though we lost, I’m really happy about my boys in green and how they showed today on the Rift.

Following on from that, has anyone shown any particular growth over their time with the team so far?

Definitely. Hmm, anyone in particular? I think everyone has shown growth. Everyone is more vocal. Everyone understands the game on a way deeper level. I do take some credit for that. But they all had ambition to improve. Someone in particular, I think Dunlosi or Depre. Depre didn’t know macro, he never shotcalled at all, and he picked it up really fast and proved that he could do it. Dunlosi was the silent type, he was only a sub player last split. But now that he is a starter, he is taking the responsibility of a starter, and is a shotcaller alongside Depre, and has proven himself to be extremely flexible. He can do anything, he can play anything. He is in my opinion the biggest part of the team.

About today’s game, who would you mark as MVP for our team?

That is really difficult to say. I would give it to Dunlosi, but the fact that both Depre and Splaff trusted in him with the invades puts them up for the same amount of praise. I would still give it to Dunlosi, just because he completely demolished the enemy jungler, he was up 4 levels at one point, he took everything, Dragon, double Scuttle Crab, Rift Herald, he was the key to the early game.

In terms of other teams, who do you have your eye on?

At this point I think it’s just London and Bulldog, I want to beat Bulldog, and then everyone put London as the best team in the league so I want to beat those two. I want to get revenge, and then I want to prove myself. Or, I want to prove that my team can do well. I don’t need to prove myself but at least my team can.

And which players outside of the team do you consider to be ones to watch, if any?

I’m actually not that into the players, but from the people I have talked to, BlueSpirits is a good player, NiceGuyDom, DBL, those players are really good.

Yeah those are always quite hyped up aren’t they?

They are, they are. As for junglers maybe Tyrin? People have been talking about him but I think Dunlosi is better so I don’t consider other junglers at all.

That was all in terms of questions, is there anything you wanted to add?

Not really. I think it’s too early to say really, in the league who’s the best team and who’s lagging behind, maybe in a couple of weeks. But as for now I’m pretty lukewarm on everyone.

Thank you to Dunlosi and Łazy for taking the time out after the games to talk to me. We are now looking forward to next week’s game against Absolved. Be sure to tune in on the UKEL Twitch channel at 6pm on Mondays to catch all of the games.

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