Vector CSGO Team Attending Epic29

Following their recent performance in ESN, making it to playoffs, we are incredibly excited to be sending our CSGO team to Epic29, where they will be competing from the 21st February. This will be their first LAN together as a team, and we’re really excited to see how they do.

For those who aren’t already familiar with our roster, each of them had this to say:

Captain, JSlinger: “I’m excited for our first LAN as a team and hoping that the practice we are putting in will show on the server. Realistically I believe top 8 would be a good showing from us and I want to get playoffs as a minimum as I feel we can go toe to toe with the best there when we are on our day. We are feeling very confident on our maps at the moment and are looking to add to the pool before LAN.”

Twenti: “For Epic I have my own personal goal of getting so LAN experience because I’ve never been to one before. As a team I’d like to make playoffs and develop as a unit further.”

MaGiKMoo: “I’m looking to achieve top 8-6, it all depends on who we get in our groups as we want to finish groups in the top 2 to get the upper bracket. If we can get upper bracket I want to get top 4 as after achieving top 16 previous Epic.LAN i know how far we could go even with the other 4 lads not previously attending any LAN events. Hoping to build confidence and learn what we need to improve on to get our goals. The experience against UK teams will be invaluable for the lads and will be a nice reminder to us where we belong in the rankings of the UK teams.”

Coutts: “Looking forward to meeting the teammates irl and getting to know them better. Never been to a LAN before so not really sure what to expect in terms of results but hoping to perform well as a team regardless, hopefully make it out of group stage and meet some new people while there.”

Kron0s: “What I’m really looking to do is just get playoffs. I’ve never been to a LAN so it’s a new experience.”

Catch us there, or follow our socials to keep up to date on how we do!


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